How to Properly Freeze Your Fruits and Vegetables

Freezing your fresh veggies and fruits is the best way to extend their shelf life, but if you do it the wrong way, they will become saggy and bland. Therefore, you might want to learn how to freeze them properly to retain their flavor and nourishment. What Will Happen to Veggies and Fruits that Are Read More

Homemade Bread Recipes: You’ll Never Buy Bread Again

You are probably buying your bread from a market as most people, but did you know that most store-bought breads are loaded with toxic additives which can harm your health? A much healthier option is to make your own homemade bread, instead of buying it. In this way, you’ll not only have a much tastier Read More

The World’s #1 Superfood for Hypertension, Cholesterol, Heart Attack and Stroke

You are looking for a super healthy food. We have something for you. Try dates. Their healthy properties will relieve you from many health problems including strokes, hypertension or cholesterol. It is because they are rich in nutrients that will boost your metabolism. Here you will find out why they are healthy and good to be included Read More

Top 10 Papaya Health Benefits

Christopher Columbus was known to have called papaya the “fruit of the angels”. Due to its nutritional content, papaya has a variety of health benefits. The high antioxidant and flavonoid content that papaya provides is where the majority of the health benefits found in papaya.  1. Helps Aid Digestion Compounds found in papayas help to break down and Read More

Coconut Oil is AMAZING, But Only If You Buy the Right Kind: Here’s What to Look For

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods known to mankind, with whole books written on its health benefits. As a matter of fact, there are more than 1,500 studies confirming that coconut oil is indeed extremely healthy. What makes this oil so special is its unique content; healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids.  These Read More

8 Reasons Why We Should Eat Pineapple Daily … Number 2 Is Most Important

Pineapple is one of the most beneficial fruits on the planet, and its daily consumption provides numerous health benefits. We give 8 amazing reasons why you should consume pineapples on a daily basis: 1.Vitamin C The daily consumption of a cup of pineapple provides 131% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. Therefore, you should Read More

Stop Buying Avocados. Here’s How You Can Grow an Avocado Tree in a Small Pot at Home

Unless you’ve been stranded on a deserted island for the past couple of years, you’ll have noticed that avocados are everywhere! This little green fruit has been added to meals in almost every restaurant and home recipe possible. The ‘avocado trend’ is no bad thing for your body, as the fruit contains potassium, vitamin B5, Read More

Complete List of Cancer-Fighting Foods

There are hundreds of variations of cancer; its incidence has remained steady in North America over the last decade and survival rates for some cancers have generally increased. If you get down to the very granular level, however, it’s estimated that most men have a 43 % chance of developing some form of cancer in Read More

Health Benefits Of Purple Corn: Prevents Obesity And Diabetes

Purple corn is in the group of Peruvian super foods. It is cultivated in seaside areas, as well as in the mountains. We know about a few purple plants in nature, and therefore, for people who try to eat true rainbow nutrition, purple corn is a fantastic choice. Benefits of Drinking Purple Corn Juice Antioxidants Read More

9 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Eating 2 Eggs a Day

A recent study has shown that eating 2-3 eggs a day is an optimum dose to keep your body functioning at a healthy level. Keeping brain cells healthy is vital and to do this phospholipids must be present, which need chlorine to work properly. 2 eggs a day is enough to keep chlorine levels in Read More

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