The Shocking Reason Why This Dentist Said No to The Root Canal Procedure

There are many different dental procedures, but it seems that root canal is one of the most popular ones. Almost every adult person has gone through this procedure. However, does this make root canal something that we should take for granted? One dentist focused on this question and found an answer. What Dr. Robert Kulacz Read More

Rare Pink Moon In Libra On April 11, 2017: Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift!

This Tuesday night, April 11, expect to see a rare full moon lighting up the sky. The pink moon in Libra will bring a cosmic shift in energy. However, the name “pink” doesn’t mean the moon will actually have this color on Tuesday night. Instead, the name is derived from the beautiful, pink-colored Phlox wildflowers Read More

6 Core Strengthening Exercises to Stay Fit and Healthy as You Age

As we age, our physical activity tends to slow down, and we become a bit sedentary. This can be a result of different health problems, pain or weight issues or just a lack of physical exercise. But, with years, an active lifestyle is even more important than anything else. So, you should do some exercises Read More

Unique Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel, That Will Replace Any Medicine!

At your home or in your garden, you can grow the amazing Aloe Vera plant. All it requires are warm conditions, occasional watering, and fertilization and nothing more. This cactus-looking plant is more than an ordinary plant. Keep reading this article to find out the amazing health benefits of Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera gel Read More

Green Cabbage Juice Recipe for Stomach Ulcer, Gut Health, Heart Disease, and Cancer

Did you know that cabbage is one of the healthiest foods on the Planet? That’s right! It’s amazing how many health benefits you’ll get by consuming raw cabbage, or even better, raw cabbage juice following the green cabbage juice recipe in this post. For example, it’ll help you prevent heart disease, stomach ulcer, and arthritis. Read More

How to Make Laurel Essential Oil to Treat Joint Pain, Varicose Veins, and Headaches

Do you have laurel leaves in your spice cabinet? Well, besides using this common spice to enhance the flavor of many meals and dishes, you can use it to prepare a laurel essential oil to treat different health problems and conditions. So, from now on you won’t look at laurel leaves only as a common Read More

From Wheelchair to Bike Riding With This Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Treatment

When experiencing some chronic disease, people are usually prescribed some disease-modifying drug in order to stop its progression and prevent the potential damage. These drugs are not only expensive, but they can cause many side effects. One such case is with the Multiple Sclerosis. For that reason, in this post, we will discuss the multiple Read More

How to Detox Your Kidneys Naturally and Prevent Frequent Urges

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body responsible for the elimination of the waste material and balance of the body fluids. However, if you have frequent urges during the night, you may need a kidney cleanse. This article will show you how to detox your kidneys naturally, what to eat, Read More

Health Benefits of Watermelon and the Right Way to Use it

The first things that come to your mind when thinking about watermelon are probably summer and its sweet, refreshing taste. But, besides being the most popular summer food, watermelon also provides numerous health benefits. So, here you’ll learn not only the health benefits of watermelon but also the right way to use it as a Read More

9 Herbs to Boost the Immune System and Repair Lung Damage

You don’t have to take a prescription or over-the-counter medicine to treat your common cold, cough, or a stuffy nose. Instead, you can try some natural treatments such as herbs to boost the immune system as well as your lung health. For that purpose, we present you nine herbs which can not only help you Read More

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