5 Plants Keep Your House Naturally COOL!

In the hot summer time we are all dependent on artificial air conditioning of our houses and work places so that we can function normally. But this summer we have opted to air condition our rooms in a completely different way – we use 5 cooling plants tonaturally aerate and cool our surroundings. The results are really amazing Read More

10 Best Plants That Will Thrive In Your Bathroom

If you love plants and you love them anywhere around you then you would probably want them in your bathroom too. But there are specific conditions in the bathroom and not every plant would be able to grow and thrive in such conditions. Only a few plants would be able to survive high temperatures, low Read More

This Amazing Glass Garden Has Not Been Watered In 44 Years And It Is Still Thriving

The world of plants hides a lot of mysteries. According to recent scientific findings, plants possess around 20 senses for monitoring their surroundings and adapting to living conditions. They are also able to communicate in complex ways with other living beings.  Stefano Mancuso, the director of the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology in Florence, has Read More

12 DIY Drip Irrigation To Water Your Plants Frugally

A DIY drip irrigation system will save you time and money, plus it will enable you to have healthier garden plants. An automatic watering system will put the water right where it’s needed at the time when plants can uptake the moisture most efficiently. Garden watering systems will work in both raised bed plots and Read More

12 Amazing Reasons Why Coffee Grounds Should be Used In Every Home & Garden

That warm cup of coffee wakes us up every morning. Beside that positive effect it has few others that we read about all the time. But did you know that you can feel the benefits of coffee even after you have finished drinking it. Continue reading to find out 12 amazing ways how you can Read More

23 Gardening Tips for Beginners

If you started gardening recently and tag yourself as a beginner then these ’23 Gardening Tips for Beginners’ are useful for you. 1. Soil testing First and most important tip: Soil testing helps in finding out the pH level and micro-nutrients present in your garden soil. You can send soil for testing in your nearby Read More

How to Kill Weeds Using Vinegar

If you want to get rid of those pesky plants in your garden that pop up again & again, use vinegar. Vinegar is a natural weed killer and is used in effective weed control. IT IS ECO-FRIENDLY AND SPRAYING IT KILLS WEED WITHIN 2-3 DAYS AFTER APPLICATION. How Vinegar Kills Plant Vinegar when sprayed on Read More

Tree Pruning: When and Why?

Whether we have a large park full of trees or just one huge, lonely tree in the back or front yard, it is very important to know when and why trees should be pruned.   Basic tips for tree pruning   In today’s note we will mention when we can prune trees ourselves and when we should Read More

Stop Buying Tangerines. Plant Them In A Flowerpot And You Will Always Have Hundreds Of Them!

Tangerines, of the Latin name Citrus reticulate, are also known as Mandarin oranges. Clementines are the seedless variety of these irresistible fruits that offer immense health provisions for the entire body. Apart from their specific refreshing scent and a wonderful taste, tangerines are bursting with potent antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B 12, and Read More

Coconut Fiber Sheets For Lining Baskets and Flower Boxes

Information about coconut fiber plates   Coconut fiber is a 100% natural product based on the “shell” of mature coconuts and can be obtained in many forms, among them, the coconut fiber plates of which we will speak in our note today. According to statistics, it is estimated that approximately 12.75 tons of waste from coconut plants are Read More

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