7 Tips For Creating Your Own Home Meditation Zone

With all the benefits that come with meditation, it makes sense to set aside a place in your home for this life-enhancing practice, even if it’s a space that’s technically made for something else. Research has shown that regular meditation offers a host of health and psychological advantages. Scientific studies have proven that it reduces Read More

If Your Body Suddenly Jerks While You Are Falling Asleep, This Is What it Means

Sometimes, the body has a strange way of telling us that something isn’t right. One such odd way is twitching before falling asleep. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. After a long day, you’re finally in your cozy bed and you’re ready to sleep. However, your falling asleep is disrupted by sudden Read More

Do you know the danger of turning on the A/C after starting the engine?

Many people turn on the A/C when they sit in their car, even without thinking. But, did you know that this can be really dangerous for you and everyone around you? This is because whenever we leave our cars outside, we close the windows. Whenever we leave it in the shade, it accumulates 400-800 mg Read More

4 major heart attack red flags you NEED to know!

The heart attacks, contrary to the popular opinion, aren’t usually heralded by classic and obvious signs like where a person clutches at her/his heart dramatically with severe chest pain. About 25 percent of the heart attacks happen silently, with no recognizable or clear symptoms. Dr. C. Crandall, a cardiologist, has spent many years working to Read More

Do You Know The Difference Between Lemon And Lime?

Lemon and lime are similar tropical citrus fruits many people are confused about. They resemble each other in taste, shape and nutritional profile, but they also differ by a lot. Scientifically, lemons are known as Citrus Lemon, while limes are named Citrus aurantifolia. Lemons are larger in size than limes and are sour in taste, Read More

The Oil that removes uric acid from the blood , cures anxiety and stops alcohol and cigarette cravings

In the days of Christopher Columbus, men were pretty much obsessed with spice. They yearned for it and basically traveled all around the world in a futile effort to find new spices.  But, of all the men obsessed by sensuous spice, none was as seduced as Christopher Columbus, who went across the ocean searching for Read More

4 Tablespoons of This And You Can Say Goodbye to High Blood Pressure and Clogged Arteries

The mixture we are suggesting today contains three incredibly powerful natural ingredients, and it will help you to fight common colds, infections, and cardiovascular problems. The combination of these ingredients is much more effective and beneficial than any of them alone. It is, in fact, a traditional German recipe that has been used for centuries Read More

Military Diet: Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days

If you’re tired of following diets which give no positive results, you should try out the Military Diet which is the most beneficial diet ever. It’s comprised of several rules to which you need to adhere for optimal results and it only lasts for 3 days. Amazing, right?! What to Eat  During the diet, you can freely Read More

Tell me which feather you like and I’ll tell you a secret about your personality. Will surprise you!

Have you ever stopped thinking about how boring the world would be if we all were the same? Fortunately, the only thing we share is that we are all different, each one develops one’s personality different from the others, and even if you can get similarities, two people will never be quite equal. Different types Read More

Walnuts as the Best Anti-Aging Food to Make You Look and Feel Younger

Walnuts are one of the best anti-aging foods that provide numerous important health benefits. They are so powerful that can improve your overall health without requiring significant changes in your diet. You only need to include an ounce of walnuts a day, or 7 shelled walnuts, in order to obtain their amazing health benefits. Why Read More

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