6 Reasons Why You Should Use Cinnamon In The Garden

Probably you have used cinnamon in your kitchen in many different ways, but this spice is equally useful in your garden. Those who have been using it say that it has transformed their garden place into a lush and healthy environment. The cinnamon has many uses in the garden, but here we chose  these six special ones: Read More

How To Easily Keep Your Veggie Roots Fresh During Winter

Growing vegetables might be a pleasurable hobby, or you might have even developed a business of growing veggies that saved your life. What all farmers deal with is what to do with them in the winter. The most vulnerable question for them is how to keep them fresh and whole during the dreadful winter. It Read More

Top 10 World’s Best Homemade Organic Fertilizers

The secret to a beautiful bountiful organic garden is in the fertilizer you use.All types of organic gardening are based on all-natural fertilizers, which are difficult-to-impossible to find at our average supply stores. Those that can be found on shelves are expensive, and while they may sport “organic” label on the packaging, yet you really don’t know Read More

How To Plant And Grow Garden Coconut Tree

Purchase fresh coconut nuts and plant them. – They will grow if you plant them properly as described below. About the coconut tree If you plan on growing a coconut tree, you’d better arm yourself with great patience! It takes up to 7 years of your patience to see some coconuts on your tree! Cocos nucifera, the Read More

How To Catch Hundreds Of Pesky Flies With This Homemade Traps

These easy-to-make traps catch hundreds of nuisance flies in a matter of days! Get rid of these annoying insect that bug your kids, your pets and your arduously-grown garden plants – veggies or fruits, whatever! You can make your own fly traps in a few minutes by only using a jar or plastic bottle, a Read More

MEET FARM ROBOT: FarmBot Genesis Brings ‘Precision Agriculture’ Right To Your Backyard!

This mini super-machine, developed by an enthusiastic team from California, is all-three-in one: it plants seeds, pulls weeds, and even waters your plants one by one! Amazing, isn’t it? By help of drones (which are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), that is aircrafts, either controlled by ‘pilots’ from the ground or increasingly, autonomously following a pre-programmed Read More

Here’s How To Easily Make Hot Pepper And Garlic Spray To Help You Battle Pests And Insects

Having a garden requires a lot of your free time and gentleness of your hands. Sometimes, however, no matter how much you try, something bad is still happening to your plants. Pests and insects can be both good friends or the worst enemies of the green miracles living in your garden. There is nothing more Read More

Want To Build Your Own Table Top Terra Cotta Fountain? Here’s How!

Summer is that wonderful period of the year, when we can truly enjoy the perks of having a garden or a patio and when we make it as our second living room and spent most of the time, hanging out, chilling and even having meals. I can’t imagine not having coffee on the patio, planting Read More

A 700-Year-Old Farming Technique Can Make Your Soil Superior Fertile!

Very old farming techniques almost always carry old wisdoms.So, it is foolish to think that agricultural improvements move in a straight line: no matter whether it is closed-loop farming or, as a new study shows, a 700-year-old soil enrichment method! Although it may appear illogical, but tropical forest soils are generally horrible for modern farming. Read More

Make A Straw-Bale Garden Your Tune Of The Summer!

If you have failed with other types of gardening, maybe it is high time you tried your hand at straw-bale gardening!You can put together a nice secluded straw-bale garden right in your backyard, on your lawn, or on any of your out-of-the-way spots that get at least 6-8 hours of sunrays. It’s especially suitable for Read More

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